It’s good to have friends

Friends are supporting me on this business endeavor, beyond what I thought possible.  This week I’m struggling with writing the “about me” page for this site.  One suggestions says to use the third person – another says to never do that.  One suggests a bullet point format, another to include your whole life story.  Checking bios of other photographers doesn’t help much either.  Everyone is passionate, or creative, or both.  And I absolutely hated the recommendation to write your own obituary – yuck!


So, what to do?  Turn to my friends and family and former portrait subjects of course.  I asked for feedback; I asked for adjectives; how was it to be in front of my lens?  how would you describe my photography?  And boy did people come through.  So far, I’ve created this wordle cloud crossed with my logo.  Just reading the endearing and heartfelt things I was sent blew me away and brought me to tears.  Thanks to you all, I’m now inspired to actually write up something and then move on to the galleries page . . . for now, here’s the word cloud.

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