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Model Call –
Senior Grad Portraits in Cap and Gown!

Attention class of 2014 – I’m looking for a variety of graduates to do some quick portraits once you have your cap, gown and tassel.  Nothing elaborate or fancy; just you in your cap and gown.  I’d only need about 30 minutes and will provide you with at least 2 5×7 prints, as well as posting to facebook and google+.  Any school in the vicinity – Hinsdale Central, Hinsdale South, Hinsdale Middle School, Westmont High, Westmont Junior High, Downers Grove North, Downers Grove South!  Seniors and eighth graders eligible – if you are not yet 18 you MUST have a parent contact me.

A Model Release allowing me to use the images for marketing purposes (both in print and online) will be required – signed by the subject or parent if the subject is under 18.

Interested? Want more information? Email me at -please include your name, age, school and the date you will pick up your cap and gown as well as basic contact info (email & phone number).  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Dayvion and Dayshua –
Downtown Senior Portraits


While I am a DuPage County, IL portrait photographer who works with high schoolers from Westmont, Hinsdale, Downers Grove and surrounding areas, I jump at opportunities to shoot, no matter where I am!  Recently I was in St. Louis for a convention ( and met the mother of these twins at the Hilton.  My friend, roommate and fellow photographer, Deborah Hassman ( arranged to meet the twins the next day to wander the downtown and get some portraits.  Dayvion and Dayshua  are finishing their junior years and making plans for their futures.  We discussed ACT scores, finals, summer plans and career goals.


Our sessions were fun and interactive, and it was great to work with the twins together and individually, and to work ideas and locations with Deb. Working with another photographer is inspiring and eyeopening; it got me thinking of different angles, poses and locations as we moved around the area.  Thanks Deb, for splitting the room cost, bouncing around ideas, and shooting with me during Shutterfest.

Dayvion and Dayshua, good luck with your future plans and finishing you high school careers over the next year in style!  We’ll be returning to St. Louis next April, perhaps we can shoot together again!  I hope you enjoy the images we created.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

web20140422-06301 Ben Franklin had it right – involve me and I learn.  I personify that notion . . . I can read about something forever, but show me how to put it into action, let me get my own hands dirty, so to speak, and then, THEN, I’ll get it.  For that reason, I’m always on the lookout for learning opportunities in portrait photography.  Two weeks ago, that opportunity was Shutterfest in StWestmont-senior-portrait-blogboard-shutterfest. Louis, MO.  Put on by Sal Cincotta, Shutterfest 2014 offered lectures, small classroom classes and hands on opportunities.  In addition, there were chances to book a model and simply go out into the city and shoot – it was quickly dubbed the ‘rent a human’ program!  I was overwhelmed, exhausted and incredibly inspired by the end of it all!

Why does this matter?  Because, as a photographer, I want to stay on top of the craft; I want to find new and interesting ways to offer services and products that clients will love!  And, I just plain enjoy doing that!  Was it all about business and photography?  Well, the ‘motto’ of the conference was Shoot. Learn. Party – quite honestly, my roomie and I were too tired for the party part – but I consider the friendships and networking we accomplished worth it!   Need a family portrait, headshot or interested in a senior session – give me a call – I’ve got tons of new ideas!