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I am now the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra Photographer!

I’m pleased to announce my collaboration with the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra!  I have been photographing portrait head shots of the musicians for use in the ESO’s publications and programs, as well as being available for other projects.

Muscians of the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra

In January, I attended and photographed several school visits, part of the ESO’s community outreach programs.  It was delightful to watch Janelle Lake perform for and interact with the students – she truly loves what she does and it shows!  Once I’ve processed more pictures and secured their release I will share more, so watch this space.

Elmhurst Symphony School Visits January 2014

This week, I attended rehearsals and photographed more musicians for upcoming program guides.  The ESO, along with the Apollo Chorus,  is preparing Mozart’s Great Mass in C Minor, which will be preformed on March 2nd.  If the rehearsal was any indication, it will be quite an enjoyable concert.  You can find more information, as well as order tickets, at the ESO’s website.

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I adore my community; I love what I do . . .

Westmont is a small town, in so may respects.  We’re a little suburb nestled between bigger suburbs near a big city.  I see more and more that my community shows up.  We turn out, we help, we support each other when needed.  And I love that.  I love that I am part of that.  And I photograph that when I can – sharing my skills as a photographer feels like a small contribution, but it’s what I can do.

WEB20130817-02779 Yesterday really solidified that for me.  Weeks ago, a friend, received an email from a fellow member of her Bagpipe Corp.  He wanted 5 or 8 fellow pipers to join him in serenading a family friend of his.  This young lady loves bagpipes, and has spent the last few years battling cancer.  What jumped out at Lisa was the address – right in our neighborhood.  She contacted her fellow piper and mentioned that it’d be a pretty tough location to park and pull off a surprise . . . so she called another neighborhood friend to ask if the pipers could gather at her house and parade down the block.  Of course!

WEB20130817-02731westmont_bagpipe_flashmob_oakwood_wheelerThen it got mentioned a time or two at other meetings of moms in the subdivision, pretty soon the organizer was in touch with the Oakwood Neighborhood Association, who were in touch with the Westmont Police Chief and the Mayor of Westmont.  Meanwhile, the gathering of a half dozen pipers had grown to a corp of around 50, plus Highland Dancers, a Rifle Corp, and soon fire trucks and police escorts were in the mix.  The weather could not have been more beautiful; the participants could not have been more noble; the honoree could not have been more surprised or delighted.  Some neighbors were surprised at this flash mob parade, but all were impressed.  Weeks of planning led to about an hour of really impressive participation, spirit and music.  I was thrilled to capture just a little bit with my camera.  If you’d like to see even more photos, the YouTube link below is a slide show – enjoy!

Wheeler Bagpipe Parade, August 17, 2013