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Dress for Success: What to Wear for your Portrait Session

Rule #1: Coordinate

For family or group portraits make sure your outfits complement one another’s. Choose a consistent color palette (which does not mean the same color). If someone is wearing a bold pattern, dress the rest of the group in more solids, but be sure each carries one or more colors from the “star” outfit for consistency.  I like to recommend the “three color pop” method of coordinating – pick two to three basic colors, and add a “POP” color.  For instance the Templeton’s went with white, black and grey, using red as a POP color.  Their outfits are coordinated but not matchy-matchy.  Usually picking a neutral palette with a vibrant POP color works well.  But you also need to consider the decor of your home and locations you wish to display your final images.  If your living areas are grey with touches of bright blue and yellow, perhaps red isn’t the POP color for you!

Westmont-family-portrait-photograph-templetonRule #2: Accessorize!

Scarves, hats, bows, bands…it all adds a fun twist to an otherwise “standard” look. Accessories are also a great place to coordinate looks. For example, if Mom is wearing a bright pattern with lavender, pink and gray, little brother can rock a pair a gray sneakers while Dad can choose a lavender vest and big sis with a pink headband.  This inter-generational portrait of the Zuver ladies from Hinsdale shows great coordination and accessories, see the scarf, the flowers in the girls hair and belts, all picking up on the print in Grandma’s jacket – perfect!web 20140809-08961

Rule #3: Try for Texture

Layers and textures and add depth to your images. Look for clothes and accessories with rich, simple detailing—cable knits, tweed, ribbons, etc—or layer pieces to add dimension and texture. Texture is especially important if you want a lot of black and white shots, which naturally need more visual depth and detail than color images. The texture in the environment of the portraits here is complimented by the sweater knits, flowing scarves, fluttery flower petals, and so on.  Also, because you’ll want to keep the pace going during your session, layering is a great way to make quick, convenient outfit changes—pull off the sweater, slip on the vest and you’ve got a whole new look.  Change out a headband or tie, don a hat and something different takes your portraits in a new direction!

Rule #4: Dress Kids for Comfort & Movement

Kids naturally run, skip, dance and jump around during photo sessions—they’re kids! To avoid unnecessary aggravation, let them be comfortable in the clothes and opt for apparel that accentuates their natural energy. Skirts, fedoras, scarves, and knit sweaters allow for natural movement, so when the kids start getting wild, their clothes will look even better.


Rule #5: Be Timeless

You’ll have these pictures for generations—don’t date yourself! Choose classic, timeless pieces, or even vintage apparel and accessories. Opt for the latest trends and you may feel otherwise about that amazing outfit in a few years (or even a few months) from now.  In both the portraits above the clothes are simple and classic.  Who doesn’t look back on snap shots and school portraits and think “oh, that shirt is so 1990” or “wow styles were wild in the 70’s”.  By choosing simple and classic wardrobe items your images will better stand up to the tests of time and feeling like classic pieces of art in your home.

Dayvion and Dayshua –
Downtown Senior Portraits


While I am a DuPage County, IL portrait photographer who works with high schoolers from Westmont, Hinsdale, Downers Grove and surrounding areas, I jump at opportunities to shoot, no matter where I am!  Recently I was in St. Louis for a convention ( and met the mother of these twins at the Hilton.  My friend, roommate and fellow photographer, Deborah Hassman ( arranged to meet the twins the next day to wander the downtown and get some portraits.  Dayvion and Dayshua  are finishing their junior years and making plans for their futures.  We discussed ACT scores, finals, summer plans and career goals.


Our sessions were fun and interactive, and it was great to work with the twins together and individually, and to work ideas and locations with Deb. Working with another photographer is inspiring and eyeopening; it got me thinking of different angles, poses and locations as we moved around the area.  Thanks Deb, for splitting the room cost, bouncing around ideas, and shooting with me during Shutterfest.

Dayvion and Dayshua, good luck with your future plans and finishing you high school careers over the next year in style!  We’ll be returning to St. Louis next April, perhaps we can shoot together again!  I hope you enjoy the images we created.


Meet Hannah H.;
Berkeley IL Newborn portraits

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Now that the birth announcements are all mailed, I can share some of the beautiful images of miss Hannah Louise – daughter of Jeremy and Laurie.  I captured her portraits on January 22nd, when she was a mere 7 days old.  She was incredibly alert – couldn’t get her to sleep – but calm and sweet!  Today, I spent time with her during a confirmation lunch; I got to hold her for at least an hour – she truly is a beautiful doll.  She’ll be two months old next week, and I can’t wait for her 3 month portrait to roll around (even if it might involve White Sox gear!)

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